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  1. Having Fun- Create a fun and rewarding experience with the goal that the participating youth will return to play MRA sports in the future.
  2. Opportunity to Participate- To allow youth the opportunity to play any sport they choose.  **To allow equitable and fair playing time to be among all participants and as determined by league rules.
  3. Character Development-To build the self esteem and confidence of each participating youth and to assist the participants in building life skills such as responsibility, decision making, leadership skills, teamwork, and good sportsmanship through their experience in MRA.  To teach children how to win and lose with dignity and grace.
  4. Enhance Community Values and Pride in Sports Programs-To allow youth to be exposed and interact with upper level Mariemont sports programs with the hope that someday some of the youth will desire to participate in those programs.  To give the opportunity for children to give back to the community through volunteer activities and representing the community with pride
  5. Physical Fitness- To improve the participants physical fitness.