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Question #1 – How do I register my child to play a sport in the MRA system?

Here are the instructions for creating and account and registering. NOTE: Once you have created an account, you can use this account login for all MRA Sports registrations.
1. Click on the REGISTRATION button on the left hand column of the home page.
2. From the REGISTRATION PAGE, choose the sport you will be registering your child.
3. Once you select the register now button, you will be prompted to either SIGN IN or CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. If this is your first time registering through League Athletics you will need to create a new account.
4. When you choose CREATE ACCOUNT, you will be asked to enter your email address. An email will be sent immediately to your inbox prompting you to reset your password.
5. Open the email and select your desired password. You can now proceed with the Registration process.
6. From the Registration page, enter your password. You will first need to complete the GUARDIAN PAGE information. Complete all the required fields and then press SUBMIT.
7. Next you will need to enter the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION for your child. Complete all the required fields and then press SUBMIT.
8. Next complete the EMERGENCY MEDICAL, UNIFORM SIZE and also confirm that you have read the PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT, PARENT SPECTATOR AGREEMENT, and MRA TEAM ASSIGNMENT POLICY. These are all contained on a single page. Press SUBMIT when completed.
9. Finally if you have another child to register, you can continue with other children, or press the PAY NOW button to complete the payment.
Thanks for registering and have a great season!
QUESTION 2: How do I log in to make a payment?
Answer / Solution
If someone in your system has a balance on their account, they can follow the steps below to 
access their personal account and make a payment.
1. Once on the homepage of the website, click the Edit My Account tab on the left or login via 
the login tab in the top right corner.
2. Once logged in, you will be brought to the Family Account page where you can view all of 
your family members and any balances. To make a payment, click the green Pay Now 
button in the bottom right corner of the page.
3. This will take you to a payment screen where you can enter payment information.
Direct Link to This FAQ
QUESTION 3:  How do members get their passwords?
Answer / Solution
If a member does not have a password or forgets their password, and they have a record in the 
site's database, they can retrieve a link that will allow them to set a new password.
1. Go to the homepage of your site and click the Login tab in the top right corner of the page 
(Or go to the Edit My Account page).
2. Enter your email address only (No password!) and click Sign In.
2. You will be sent an email from with a link. Click on the link and set a 
new password on the resulting page. Once your password is set, return to the website and 
login with your email address and new password.
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QUESTION 4:   If I sign my child up and enter in a log in and password as a parent, how can I add a second email so that another family member can get team information?

Answer / Solution
If you go to the home page of the sport your child is playing, go to the bottom left and click on edit my account.  Log in with the original ID and PW.  Then click on add an adult.  Type in the new ID and PW for the new family member.  You are done.  Please know that this ID and PW can now be used across the entire MRA Sports site.